Quest 88 therapy and mobility products for children are designed to assist and support physical development. Our equipment is practical and functional to help therapists and parents to achieve their desired aims with as little fuss as possible. Our range of adult standers lead the way in delivering the best position and comfort.

We provide assessments/demonstrations across the UK and via our partner in Ireland for Tricycles, Standers and Walkers as well as providing staple products for online purchase such as benches and tripods.


  1. Body Supports for RaceRunner & Cavalier

    Together with the saddle, the PUR Pliable Body Support helps to distribute the user’s body weight. This enables the user to have greater freedom to move their legs. Learn More
  2. Gripmit

    The Gripmit is designed for children and adults who have low muscle tone or weakness in the lower arm or hand and who want to participate more fully in leisure or DIY activities. Prices start from £31.00 each.

    Learn More
  3. Gameframes®  Water Bottle Kit

    The Water Bottle and frame mounted cage is essential for keeping enthusiastic players hydrated and is designed to fit on the Gameframe® with minimum fuss.

    Learn More

Q & A

Common Questions and Answers. If we havent addressed your question here - please contact us: 01952 463050 or email any further questions or suggestions for questions to

It is always wise to involve a healthcare professional whilst deliberating a purchasing decision, however, if the right equipment has been established with your therapist and if there is a lack of availability and you wish to make a private purchase - Quest 88 can supply you direct. This is something you may wish to consider if waiting lists for equipment are long, or if only very old loan equipment is available. Talk to your therapist about the best way forward. Similarly if you are looking to purchase a piece of equipment for home to mirror the equipment your child uses at school; Quest 88 can trace the original equipment serial number to match the original specification and quote accordingly.

If your therapist has suggested a tricycle for your child, you may wish to involve your therapist in the buying decision or not. Quest 88 has a great deal of clinical experience and has supplied thousands of tricycles to children and families since 1988. Quest 88’s orthotic heritage; means that we assess tricycles with posture and symmetry at the forefront of our minds. If a Physiotherapist is not available at the time of assessment, we can also provide video for you so that you can obtain their input before buying.

Quest 88 provides an equipment clinic service, providing an opportunity for each walker to be assessed for damage and wear. This is important as people can miss the obvious - for example we will replace our shows when we outgrow or wear them out and yet we forget that for many children, their walker wheels wear just the same. Walker Clinics are free available on request for 3 or more frames. Our product specialists will assess your walkers and advise on safety and suitability for repair.

You can simply arrange a demonstration. There is no obligation to buy and it is the best way to establish the exact size, support requirements and accessories you will need. This can be arranged at a mutually convenient date and venue and gives you the opportunity to see and try the equipment first hand. Quest 88 believes in delivering the best equipment solutions for the individual and so trying equipment is important. Quest 88 equipment is rich in features and accessories which need to be tried and explained. 

Please note that not all products can be purchased online as either the variations are too extensive to list on a website and/or require an assessment to establish the right specification. Therapy products in-particular, may have numerous or complex accessories and options, many of which require some one to one explanation. There is no such thing as a ball park price for this type of equipment, as the final solution can be as unique as the person it is prescribed for. In some case we list a from/to price range to show the basic price and most expensive option.

We of-course, list prices for more straight-forward items and make these available for online purchase.

Lifecycles are our way of encouraging better stewardship and reissuing of Quest 88 equipment. They are designed to support existing NHS aims to provide relevant and safe equipment to families and end-users. Product Lifecycles are an indicator of the expected useful life of our products. They are designed around a fair representation of the kinds of demands and wear for different types of equipment and different sizes of equipment; throughout their circulation within the NHS. You can find out more about Product Lifecycles in the ABOUT part of this website.

Yes you can. We are aware that these are not always provided with the equipment being issued to families and end-users; and yet it is so important that you understand the conditions of use and safety requirements for the equipment you use. If you would like a copy of the user instructions for your walker, stander or bench, please contact us at We would be delighted to send you either a hard copy instruction manual or electronic copy.

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