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  1. Flexible Chest Pad for Trikes

    Feel comfy and safe
    with the
    Quest 88 Chest Pad
    for ages 4 - 7 years

    - Belt sold separately -

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  2. Stumps and Cranks by Sonia Sanghani

    Stumps and Cranks by Sonia Sanghani - An Introduction to Amputee Cycling.

    Whilst ideally suited for absolute beginners and non cyclists, this book is a first attempt at encouraging ALL types of amputees to discover an enjoyable form of exercise. Read this book and allow yourself to become closely connected with the thrills of pedalling around on two or more wheels. 

    Designed to be read by adults and older children or families it sets out the basic elements of equipment, instruction and points of general care and attention advocated by cycling and health professionals who deal with such aspects on a daily basis.


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  3. Extra Large Therapy Bench

    The NEW Extra Large Therapy Bench from Quest 88 has been designed to serve as a multi-functional piece of furniture for a physio gym, home or classroom. For children of primary school age, the extra large therapy bench from Quest 88; compliments our small and large therapy benches and can be used by Physiotherapists and children alike. It can be used for sitting or as a soft top table. For secondary school aged children it can be used as a level or angled seat to support sitting and standing training. Learn More
  4. Gameframes®  Holdall

    A must-have accessory for Gameframes®

    The Gameframes® Holdall is designed to carry Gameframes or Kayewalkers (sizes W1/2 to W3).

    Made from high quality materials, with a heavy duty zip and transparent pocket for address card or player/team name.

    It also features velcro internal straps for frame and leg positioning.

    Can carry up to two of the smaller Gameframe sizes.

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  5. Travel Bag for Posture Control Walkers

    This travel and storage bag for Kaye Walkers is ideal for transportation in cars, trains and planes*. The bag is lined to protect your walker from damage as well as to prevent entanglement or snagging on buggies, bags or other cargo.

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  6. ICE Easy fit Wrist Rests

    The Easy fit Wrist rests are designed to comfortably and stylishly support the rider's wrists while riding your trike. Ideal for long journeys and riders with limited grip or strength.

    Fits all ICE trike models except the VTX and is compatible with other trike manufacturers, with a vertical 22.2 mm ø handlebar size.

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  7. Rockbros Bar ends

    ROCKBROS Bicycle Handle Bar Grips Bar Ends Alumium Mountain Bike Bar Ends. Rockbros Bar ends are available in one size only with a choice of black or red, sold as a pair. Learn More
  8. Pendulum Pedal with Angle Compensation (single)

    The Pendulum Pedal with Angle Compensation enables the pedals to be adjusted to encourage full extension whilst accommodating limited flexion, also allowing for more movement as leg strength returns. This creates a beneficial training effect and means pedaling is possible with very little bend to the legs.

    The Pendulum Pedals with Angle Compensation are sold individually, please choose right or left hand side.

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  9. Tri-pin Quad Hand Pedals

    The Tri-pin quad hand pedals are a popular option for those who have impaired hand function and want to use a handcycle. Learn More
  10. Tool kit

    Tool Kit for Trikes. Learn More

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