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  1. Ferrules for Kaye Walker - Pack of 3

    7/8" Ferrules (22mm) which fits: All Kaye Posture Control Walker sizes. Learn More
  2. Ferrules for Quest 88 Small Heavy Duty Tripods - Pack of 3

    1/2" Ferrules (13mm) which fits: Small Children's Heavy Duty Tripods. Learn More
  3. Ferrules for Quest 88 Medium Heavy Duty Tripods and Vilgo Crutches - Pack of 3

    5/8" Ferrules (16mm) which fits: Medium Children's Heavy Duty Tripods and the Children's Crutches. Learn More
  4. Ferrules for OPO Tripods & Quads

    3/4" Ferrules (19mm) which fits: All other Tripods and Quads except for the Children's Heavy Duty Tripods. Learn More
  5. Soft cover for unicycle saddle

    A soft elasticated cover for RaceRunning unicycle saddles. Made from synthetic lambswool, these covers from Quest 88 are designed to fit unicycle saddles from lengths 28-32cm, including most Nexus saddles. The cover is elasticated with a drawstring for a snug fit. Machine Washable up to 40 degrees. (saddle not included). Learn More
  6. Side Pouch

    Side Pouch - small 2.3L fender pouch. Learn More
  7. CNC Brake levers

    Super light and elegant CNC’d aluminium lever, provides exceptional braking power. For use with calliper brakes. Learn More
  8. 5-point Harness System

    5-point Harness System including shoulder pads. Learn More
  9. Seatback Extension

    The HASE BIKES Seatback Extension can be used for extending either the seat or the seatback by 2.75" (7 cm). More space - more comfort! Learn More
  10. Seat Extension (for seat from April 2016)

    New for 2017: Seat or Seatback Extension - More space, more comfort. Learn More

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