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QUEST 88 Panther - 2011 model - Chippenham

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  • Price: £500 ono

  • Location: Chippenham

  • Age: 2011 model

  • Seller name: Anne Reeves

  • Contact Tel: 01249 653117 

  • Email address:


We have a lovely hot pink, panther 20" trike for sale, the trike has been well looked after and is like new, with only two paint scratches on the very back bar where the bag goes. 

The bike was purchased on 23.08.2011  (we still have the paperwork). The trike has off road tyres, adjustable handlebars, adjustable lateral support saddle, hip supports, parental handle which can be attached from the front or the rear and alloy discs on the wheels. We are in Chippenham, approx 3 miles from J17 on the M4. 

If you are interested please call us and you are welcome to come and see the bike. The bike has been well looked after but has unfortunately been out grown.

Click here for more information about the Quest 88 Panther tricycle.


The Panther is extremely robust, stable and is the largest tricycle of our Quest 88 children's tricycles. It is suitable for boys and girls from the age of 7 to approximately 12 years. (ages based on clothing sizes)

The Panther is a fixed drive tricycle. In simple terms this means that as the pedals rotate the drive wheel rotates and visa-versa. This creates added momentum which assists pedalling and is beneficial to children with low muscle tone and strength; an ideal tricycle for children with Hypotonia, Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegia).

All Quest 88 tricycles feature a coaster/drive rear wheel combination to make steering and cornering more stable.

Optional accessories include: hip and thoracic supports, footplate (sandals), ankle foot orthoses, chest pad, steering solutions, various handlebar styles and head pad.

The key datum points on Quest 88 tricycles are critical and give the rider the ability to maintain a good posture and an efficient pedalling action. Quest 88 tricycles can be separated into 3 parts for storage and transportation.

The maximum weight limit for the Panther is 65Kg. The tricycle in its basic form weighs 35Kg (15kg front end, 20kg rear). Additional accessories will increase the weight of the tricycle.

Frame Colour Options are: Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Black or Orange. Accessorise your trike with our fun range of wheel discs found on our Spoke guards page.

Please contact the seller directly.


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