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Posture Control Walkers™

Availability: Built to order


Used as both a walking training device and a community walking aid, the Kaye WalkerTM has redefined assisted walking across the world, with its ability to improve posture and walking pattern. Quest 88 offers a number of postural and gait training accessories for physiotherapy and more customised requirements.

The Kaye WalkerTM is available in seven sizes, covering toddlers through to adults. Each size of the Kaye WalkerTM overlaps and is colour coded for ease of identification. If you would like to know more, scroll down for full description.

See also in Description for more information about our varied Kaye Walker Accessories, or click here.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our product sheet for the Kaye Posture Control Walker. Please contact our office by email: or by phone: 01952 463050 to request a hard copy.


In today's busy world, therapists need versatile equipment which meets therapeutic objectives and also helps children become mobile and integrate more fully into society.

Hip location pads with pelvic belt on walkerKaye Walker folding for transportation and storageQ bag on walker for carrying light loads

Click here and read Elliot's story.

Quest 88 provides a wide choice of walking and gait training equipment which are designed to meet these needs. Quality construction and excellent customer support, delivered by experienced product specialists, enables Quest 88 to provide the ideal solution for children and young adults of all abilities.

The Kaye WalkerTM (Posture Control Walker) is designed to make walking less energy consuming whilst improving postural alignment. It has an open front end and this barrier free design helps to improve the user's social development and interaction with others. It also enables the user to get closer to tables and play surfaces. The rear bar is also a key feature of the Kaye Walker™ as it acts as a stimulus on the user's hip extensors, prompting the user to take the next step.

The Kaye WalkerTM has a folding aluminium frame with height adjustable legs. The legs can be fitted with different wheel or ferrule options to suit both the user's abilities and the environment in which the walker is to be used. Each frame can be accessorised with a range of supports including forearm supports, a seating unit and hip location pads. See Kaye Walker Accessories in more detail below...

The Kaye WalkerTM is used extensively across the globe as both a walking training device and a community walking aid.

As a child grows and the walker is adjusted in height, the "footprint" of the walker increases, therefore ensuring that the walker remains stable throughout its useful life. 

Size/ref/code W1/2 W1 W2 W3 W4L W4H W5

lifecycles of kaye walker sizes

Height of Walker w/ STD Wheels (cm) 37-46 41-55 48-64 59-78 72-92 81-100 90-105
Height of Walker w/ Activity Wheels (cm) 41-50 45-60 52-68 63-82 76-96 85-104 94-109
Hand-grip Width (cm) 34 34 34 38 40 40 47
Frame Width (cm) 58-60 58-60 60-62 62-64 65-67 67-69 65-67
Frame Length (cm) 52-59 56-62 69-83 77-89 84-97 90-102 102-108
User Height (cm) up to 95 91-122 107-137 129-152 150-179 150-185 175-192
Max User Weight (kg) 27 27 39 60 82 95 113
Frame Weight (kg) 3 3.3 3.85 4.85 5.5 7 9.75

Occasionally specifications and colours may change. To avoid disappointment, please contact our sales team for the most recent product information. Quest 88 Limited reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Extra-wide frames are available on request, as are weighted frame inserts to increase the weight of the walker.


Kaye Walker Accessories

Getting the right combination of accessories is really important and is a very personal thing. Our product specialists are trained to identify the right combination of additional modules to get the best solution. This works best through assessment and by observing the user in the Kaye Walker, we can determine the right accessories to suit both the user's abilities and the environment in which the walker is to be used.

Kaye Walker wheel/leg options are:

Front wheel

  • Bidirectional wheels - fixed (non-swivel) wheels which only allow for forward movement.
  • Directional Locking swivel wheels - castor style wheels which combine swivel and fixed functions in one design.
  • Activity Bidirectional wheels & Directional Locking swivel wheels - over-sized activity wheels are ideal for family walks and country paths.

Rear wheel / leg

  • Unidirectional Silent Wheels - the built-in braking mechanism prevents the walker from rolling backwards.
  • Conversion legs (ferrules) - these rear legs do not have wheels but have rubber ferrules instead.
  • Activity Unidirectional silent wheels - over-sized activity wheels are ideal for family walks and country paths.

These wheel/leg options are available for all the walker sizes.

Positional accessories available include; hip location pads (with or without a pelvic belt); and a range of forearm supports with alternative hand holds / grips - are available for those who are unable to extend, or weight-bear, through their forearms.

As well as positional accessories, Quest 88 also supply a range of lifestyle accessories to make things easier for you and/or your child. These include 'Oarsome' grips which spread any upper loading more efficiently through your hands, the 'Q' bag school satchel and Activity Wheels for rougher terrain.

The availability of NHS funding for lifestyle accessories, such as activity wheels, may vary according to where you live in the UK. However, these items are available direct from Quest 88. They do not necessarily alter the therapeutic or geometric aspects of Kaye WalkersTM but may enhance the user and family experience. It is worthwhile checking with your therapist for suitability before you order. 

Your therapist may or may not be aware of the availability of some accessories and some accessories may be overlooked where walkers are recycled and reissued to new families and users. If your child tends to migrate into the corners of the frame whilst walking or stationary, it may be that hip location pads are the solution. They may or may not have been supplied to you with a loan equipment walker from an equipment pool. Please ask your therapist whether this accessory is suitable as it could make a world of difference!

For more information or an assessment please contact our Head Office on 01952 463050 or click the 'Contact for Assessment' button above.


With many of the products in the Quest 88 range it is necessary for the product to be demonstrated to ensure the correct level of support is attained. Quest 88 have Product Specialists available to provide demonstrations/assessments either at home, School, in Therapy Centres, Children's Centres or anywhere with suitable facilities. All assessments are carried out by Quest 88 staff.

Therapy Equipment, Including Walkers and Standers*

Quest 88 provide demonstrations of therapy, mobility and supportive equipment at schools, centres and homes across the UK. We also provide FREE Clinics for walker repairs and service.

Adaptive Bikes

Adaptive bikes and trikes such as the Hase range; are normally assessed and demonstrated at our Inclusive Cycling Hub, in a beautiful setting by the river in the market town of Shrewsbury. It is advisable to book an appointment to ensure the product you are interested in is available. We also offer demonstrations at schools and cycling schemes around the UK for Draisin Wheelchair Tandems and Side by Sides, however we have a limited number of demonstrators available.

Quest 88 Therapy Tricycles (Kitten, Colt, Panther etc.)

These are demonstrated and assessed nationally by our Product Specialists at schools, childrens centres and homes. This service is free and ensures that the tricycles are totally suitable for your needs.

RaceRunners & Gameframes

Quest 88 provide 'Sports Taster Sessions' for clubs and inclusive leisure facilities (UK-wide). In many cases we will do this in collaboration with CP Sport and other Clubs. You can find more information on our News & Events Page as well as on Facebook and CP Sports Events Pages.

Non-assessment Products

* Try before you buy is not available for Therapy Benches, Tripods, Quads, Crutches and Rollators. These items can be seen at 'In Service' presentations on request.


For online purchases a delivery charge will be added prior to checkout. For other purchases delivery charges will apply and can be requested from our Sales team on 01952 463050 with the exception of our Kaye Posture Control Walkers (when purchasing a complete frame with front and rear leg/wheel options) which qualify for FREE carriage.

Overseas Enquiries

Unfortunately we are unable to respond to enquiries from the USA at this stage. Depending on the product range, Quest 88 may have global distribution rights or exclusivity restricted to the UK and Ireland only. Wherever possible we will direct emails from countries outside of our remit to the manufacturers concerned.

For information on our International Distributors for other countries including the EU, please contact our Sales Team on 01952 463050

Thank you for your understanding.


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    I love the walker
    Review by Pipsqueakon 04/04/2019
    For a person with cerebral palsy they good walkers nice and light

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