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Margaret and Roland Smith are the latest couple to have their lives enhanced as a result of buying one of Quest 88’s innovative cycles.

Following a car accident in June 2010 67 year old Roland was left with brain injuries and all the bones in his right side broken. As Roland, a keen cyclist, slowly recovered, his wife Margaret looked on the internet to find a way he could continue cycling - and came across the Quest 88 website. They tested the Twister, and the rest as they say, is history.

The Twister is made specifically for two people, enabling riders to cycle side-byside with friends or family. The clever design ensures both riders can fully participate in pedalling and steering, or one rider can opt out of the pedalling and rest if required. Equipped with two front handlebars, which can be retracted when riders are mounting or dismounting, Twister riders can also adjust the seat depth and position to accommodate different user sizes.

The side-by-side cycle is supplied with manual propulsion or can be fitted with an electric motor (similar to Roland and Margaret’s model) for hilly terrains and has a combined maximum user weight of 200kg. Anyone over the age of nine can ride it. A large range of accessories are available including special curved seats, indicators, wheelchair carrying plates - and younger riders have the option of an extra long sliding seat system.

“The Twister is simply fantastic as it gives Roland mobility and enjoyable therapy at the same time and enables us to go cycling together again! I would advise anyone in a similar position to just go for it, as the benefits far outweigh the cost,” commented Margaret.

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