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East Park Cycle Scheme


Quest 88 has been involved with East Park Adapted Cycle Scheme in Hull since 2009 helping us with the setting up and training of staff.

The scheme is one of the largest in the UK and Quest 88 have assisted us in all areas including supporting our events over the past 7 years.

We use Quest 88 because we find them to be the best at what they do, both in terms of the products they supply and the service and support they offer. We have worked closely with Quest 88 with regards to the design and ongoing development of the cycles and our scheme. 

East Park Adapted Cycle Scheme stand featuring images of many people trying out the Quest 88 bikes at taster days. 

We now have a fleet of nearly 90 cycles and 45 of the fleet are from Quest 88.

Karl Atkins photographed with some of the 45 Quest 88 bikes in the scheme.

Karl Atkins photographed with the Draisin Bliss Platform Bike and Draisin Twister side by side.

We class the Draisin cycles (supplied by Quest 88) as the Rolls Royce of the adapted cycles and in our experience they are the best cycles available. The scheme is now into its 7th year and we are still using the original cycles purchased for the scheme. In fact our first Draisin Twister from 2009 has done over 17000 miles that's two thirds of the way around the earth and it still looks like new!

Lance photographed with the Li'l Excelerator Handcycle in front of some of the Quest 88 Tricycles.

We would be lost without the support of Quest 88 and these outstanding cycles which have had a very hard working life and which we hope to still be using for a long time. Feel free to come and see the cycles for yourself.


Karl Atkins and Lance Ostler

East Park Adapted Cycle Team

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