Oh boy we have a lot of products! Therefore the challenge has been to help you navigate our website to find the right equipment. This has required a completely new website build for 2017.

What’s new then?

Where to start? Quest 88 products span a few areas but are all linked in their ability to assist therapy, rehabilitation and fitness.

Some products are focussed on assisting early development for disabled children and are provided to families either directly with professional input or via the NHS. We have labelled these THERAPY products and they include walkers, gait trainers, standing frames, The AKKA Smart platform and Quest 88 Therapy benches.

Other products have a slightly different flavour and yet can provide therapeutical outcomes through cycling and sport. These include tricycles of different styles, companion cycles, sports frames and RaceRunners.

Quest 88 offer a wide variety of specialist bikes, sometimes referred to as Adaptive bikes. Our new website includes a cycle finder tool to help you narrow down your search for a suitable bike for you, your child or your scheme or school. Ultimately it is always best to talk to our product specialists, however this tool will help you to gain a basic understanding of styles and types of bikes.

Helpful media

The new website will be providing more video content, blogs and advice via our new user friendly media section to help you navigate and understand product benefits.

Online Shop

The second phase of our new website includes an online shop. This will be available from January 2017 and items will be added throughout the coming year.

Certain products in our range, by their complexity will still require assessment and demonstration and will not be available online, however what will become available to you, are some of the accessories and items designed to make your existing equipment easier to use.

For example: bigger size of cycling footplates when you outgrow your existing pair; a carry-bag or a drinks bottle holder for your child’s walking frame; an upgraded saddle for your RaceRunner or a swing crank for your bicycle.

Our Store

Did you know that Quest 88 has a physical bike shop in Shrewsbury? The Inclusive Cycling Hub is situated near Greyfriar’s car park next to Shrewsbury’s park. We have tried to create a bike shop experience for people looking for adaptive bikes as well making available town bikes and cycling accessories to the people of Shropshire.

It also allows us to spend more time with you in assessing your requirements and with a bigger range of equipment than is normally practical to transport around.

Our new website will help you to decide the best approach for your product assessment.

Rehoming your old equipment

For several years now, the Quest 88 website has enabled families to find a new home for their outgrown Quest 88 Tricycle. Our new website has extended this function to include other types of cycle and RaceRunners.

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