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The Davies family from Llangollen enjoy nothing more than a weekend bike ride around their local area. Thanks to the Draisin Plus wheelchair tandem ten year old Jake, who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, never misses out on the family fun! Every penny used to purchase the Draisin Plus was raised by the local community who wanted to see Jake cycling with the rest of the family. Despite the economic climate the people of Llangollen raised the funds in under six months and are delighted to now see Jake cycling through the town. Jake's condition makes it extremely difficult to get him sitting in any seat for long. However, once he is in the seat of his Draisin Plus and starts moving Jake relaxes in a way he is unable to go anywhere else.

Jake's father Rob explained: "The ride may only be four miles but Jake loves every minute of being on his bike! We do not know if it is the motion or the fresh air but Jake spends the whole time laughing and smiling. The Draisin Plus has been the most amazing gift of freedom for him." Robert Henshaw, Managing Director of Quest 88, commented: "The aim of all our cycles is to get everyone involved in cycling, no matter what their ability. Jake certainly seems to be doing just that! It is wonderful to see him enjoying regular bike rides with the rest of his family."

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