Upcoming event

Superhero Tri powered by npower 2017 (Windsor-London)


Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Venue Name: Dorney Lake

Venue Address: 

Court Lane, Dorney, Windsor SL4 6QP

It's bold, It's gutsy. It's the very first superhero event!

Three epic distances to choose from - Sprint / Half / Full

Three ways to complete them. 

Three ways to take part:

  • Team up - Do one stage each. Unite with disabled and non-disabled family and friends to share the work and the fun.
  • Grab a sidekick - Join a world 1st! This is a unique chance to tow a friend or loved one in the water and push or pull them around the bike and push/run stages.

Fly solo - For those who want to take on all three triathlon stages. All you need to enter the solo event is a disability. And the guts, of course!

Cape optional!

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