RaceRunning Accessories

  1. An Introduction to RaceRunnning (Resource for new clubs)

    Cerebral Palsy Sport have produced an introduction to RaceRunning resource to support the development of the new sport across the country. All proceeds go to CP Sport (Registered Charity 1088600) Learn More
  2. Oarsome Grips

    Our Oarsome Grips make sore hands a thing of the past.

    Oarsome grips help you spread the loading of your weight through your hands, making daily use of bicycles and walking aids more comfortable. They can also be used at 90 degrees, using the smaller cavity as a shock absorber

    Oarsome grips have developed this version of their popular crutch and rowing grips for Quest 88 products and cycles with 22mm diameter handlebars. Quest 88 products which can benefit from Oarsome grips include: Tricycles, Gameframes, RaceRunners and Kaye Walkers. (Please note this item can only be fitted to Kaye Walkers by Quest 88 fitters and trained engineers as some level of frame deconstruction is required). Oarsome Grips are available in one size only and are sold individually.

    Oarsome Grips are available with white or pink motif.

    Learn More
  3. Quest 88 Quality Design RaceRunner Cap

    Unisex. One size fits all (From young adult - Adult)
    Adjustable velcro strap at the rear
    Orange cap with
    white embroidered Quest 88 logo and a black embroidered
    Racerunner logo on the front

    100% Cotton
    Hand wash only

    Learn More
  4. Rockbros Bar ends

    ROCKBROS Bicycle Handle Bar Grips Bar Ends Alumium Mountain Bike Bar Ends. Rockbros Bar ends are available in one size only with a choice of black or red, sold as a pair. Learn More
  5. Unicycle Saddle and clamp

    This Unicycle Sadlle is an extremely useful accessory for clubs and is very popular with new RaceRunners as it provides a more comfortable solution for those who are not yet used to weight bearing through the more sensitive parts of their anatomy.

    It is also appropriate for those athletes who require assistance with pelvic alignment when runnning.

    Learn More
  6. Soft cover for unicycle saddle

    A soft elasticated cover for RaceRunning unicycle saddles. Made from synthetic lambswool, these covers from Quest 88 are designed to fit unicycle saddles from lengths 28-32cm, including most Nexus saddles. The cover is elasticated with a drawstring for a snug fit. Machine Washable up to 40 degrees. (saddle not included). Learn More
  7. Body Supports for RaceRunner & Cavalier

    Together with the saddle, the PUR Pliable Body Support helps to distribute the user’s body weight. This enables the user to have greater freedom to move their legs. Learn More
  8. CNC Brake levers

    Super light and elegant CNC’d aluminium lever, provides exceptional braking power. For use with calliper brakes. Learn More
  9. Gripmit

    The Gripmit is designed for children and adults who have low muscle tone or weakness in the lower arm or hand and who want to participate more fully in leisure or DIY activities. Prices start from £31.00 each.

    Learn More
  10. RaceRunner Beanie

    RaceRunner motif beanie - Ideal for cool mornings before taking to the track and for warm ups. Small - Ages 7 and Up Large - Ages 12 and Up Learn More

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