Introducing Frame Football

Frame Football is a new way of playing the beautiful game for children or adults who use a walker or crutches for their daily mobility. It recognises that frame users, often excluded from playing with their able bodied peers, need their own format for football.



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Introducing the World's First Frame for Playing Football 

 Gameframe Kick

Designed to make kicking and ball control easier - the new Gameframe® Kick from Quest 88, enhances the experience of children and young adults who play Frame Football - a variation on the great game for players who use walkers for mobility or gait training. 

Gameframe Kick

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The Gameframe® Kick is based on a wider version of the Kaye Posture Control Walker. The wider frame design makes access and retention of the ball easier. The Kick is stiffer and stronger thanks to the side folding torsion bars - designed to cope with the rigours of the game.

  • Strong frame with hard wearing textured coating. 
  • Anti-transpirant and anti-bacterial grip tape, designed to reduce vibration whilst playing. 
  • Various Wheel options.
  • Cushioned back pad and optional frame pads. 
  • Optional hip pads for helping players to maintain better body symmetry. 
  • Optional frame and kit bag.
  • Optional 'Gameframes®' Water Bottle and frame mounted cage.
  • Specific team colours available* - minimum 5 frames. *Additional cost may apply.

Quest 88 offer you the chance to try the new Gameframe® Kick at your club or PE sessions. For more information on how to take advantage of this contact Quest 88 on 01952 463050 or email us at


Cerebral Palsy Sport Launch New Frame Football Resource


On Thursday 11 August, Quest 88 attended the official launch of Cerebral Palsy Sport's new Frame Football resource at the FA's National Football Centre, St Georges Park near Burton on Trent.

Here is a short summary of what happened at the event. You can read more about the launch here!

The launch event held at St Georges Park linked in with a preparation training camp for the Great Britain Cerebral Palsy Football team, as they prepare to compete at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

'A new way to play the beautiful game' was created by Cerebral Palsy Sport to support football clubs and coaches across the country to understand the basics of Frame Football. The resource includes information on equipment, rules of the game, guidelines for coaches and example activities. It also includes information about the different types of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Sport have developed and trialled Frame Football with lots of feedback from coaches, equipment specialists, physiotherapists, parents and the players - to create a truly player centred football opportunity. Supported by the FA's Disability Committee as a grassroots development programme, Frame Football is already gaining recognition as an inclusive adapted sport. It is ideal for those using walking/gait training equipment such as a frame or walker.
"We are delighted to launch our Frame Football resource 'A new way to play the beautiful game' today. We hope that the resource will provide much needed guidance to clubs, coaches, physiotherapists and parents to help get more people with cerebral palsy into the wonderful adapted sport of Frame Football".

Ali Talbot, Chief Executive of Cerebral Palsy Sport

"The Frame Football resource 'A new way to play the beautiful game' provides a great introduction to anyone looking to introduce Frame Football as a sport, and is a helpful source of advice and guidance. Sport England are delighted to be supporting this innovative adapted sport's resource to increase participation. Ongoing support can be provided to clubs, groups who want to establish Frame Football opportunities and this resource is the first phase of this."

Tom Smith, Senior Disability Manager at Sport England

For more details on Frame Football and how you can purchase this new resource visit this link.

Quest 88 showcased the Hybrid Gameframe® at the event.


APCP Frame Football Exercises


The APCP have reviewed exercises commonly used by football teams and have adapted these exercises to be used by frame football athletes. Please contact Quest 88 or the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists to obtain an electronic version of this resource either in PDF or Powerpoint format.


For those who want to, they can play Frame Football too! There is a growing network of clubs across the UK, offering training, encouragement and the opportunity to play the sport with new friends. Quest 88® provide support across the UK and Ireland for Frame Football start ups, including taster days and by attending tournaments. Please contact us if you require any support or advice.

FF Bristol

Quest 88® is part of the Strategic Development Group for the sport together with the following organisations:

FFF -same Size As Cps

Frame Football Foundation

The Frame Football foundation is a volunteer group of football coaches, volunteers and parents who have come together to form an association with the goal of providing football tournaments, festivals and games for players who use walker style frames. They have affiliated teams all across the UK. Contact: for details of your nearest team.

Cp _sport _copy

Cerebral Palsy Sport

Thank you to CP Sport for granting permission to use this video - Frame Football at St Georges Park, Burton.

Cerebral Palsy Sport is the country's leading national disability sports organisation supporting people with cerebral palsy to reach their sporting potential. With those aims in mind, they have produced a new resource to assist clubs looking to introduce Frame Football. Packed with insights and guidance, this resource is invaluable for anyone with a passion to extend the game to those individuals who require assistive technology to walk and run. Please call: 0115 925 7027 or email: for more information on the resource and about CP Sport Football Events.

Cp _sport _copy

The APCP (Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists) is one of the CSP's largest Professional Networks and continues to thrive with a membership of approximately 2,400 paediatric physiotherapists.  The majority of our members practice in the UK, but we have a number of members practising overseas.

Cp _sport _copy

CPISRA is the leading international sports organisation governing and promoting sport and recreation for Cerebral Palsy (CP) and related neurological conditions. CPISRA aims to provide and promote opportunities for recreational sport and activity, the development of grassroots adaptive sport, and devise platforms for regional and international competitive and elite sport.

Cp _sport _copy

The FA is working in partnership with Cerebral Palsy Sport and members of the National Frame Football Development Group to ensure a holistic approach to developing the game. As such, The FA will support the physiotherapy that players receive, utilise current technology and equipment to benefit the sport and ensure the message of frame football gets across the CP community.


Latest session information:

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Wolves DIsability Hub

Designed to cater to any impairments, with the aim of improving skills, techniques and all-round knowledge of the game, as well as developing players agility, balance and co-ordination.

The sessions will vary from fun football games, technical sessions and small sided games.

For more information, please email: or call 01902 828366.

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