Gameframes® have been developed by Quest 88 to enable children and adults to play adaptive sport whilst standing. Disability sport has historically split participants into either wheelchair sports or ambulant sports. Gameframes®  by Quest 88 address those who sometimes fall in the gap between these two categories; for those who use walkers and gait trainers for assisted walking. The "Kick" variant of the Gameframe® has been specifically developed for the emerging sport of Frame Football, and is the first of a range of frames for different frame sports.




  1. Gameframe® Kick

    The Gameframe® Kick from Quest 88, enhances the experience of children and young adults who play Frame Football - a variation on the great game for players who use walkers for mobility or gait training.

    Gameframe Kick

    Prices start from £355 excl. VAT. VAT may not apply, for more information on VAT Exemption please click on VAT Exemption box below.

    If you would like to know more, scroll down for the full description.

    Click here for a downloadable PDF of our 'Gameframe Kick' brochure. Please contact our office by email: or by phone: 01952 463050 to request a hard copy. 

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  2. Frame Football – A new way to play the beautiful game

    Cerebral Palsy Sport have developed a learning resource ‘A new way to play the beautiful game’ alongside the Football Association to support the development of Frame Football across the country.

    All proceeds go to CP Sport (Registered Charity 1088600) Learn More
  3. Odi Rubber Longneck BMX Grips

    Select your colour
    A pair of
    Odi Rubber Longneck
    BMX Grips (143mm)

    Classic Longneck
    ribbed grip pattern
    with an open end to
    accommodate end plugs.

    Easy to assemble.

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  4. Gameframes®  Holdall

    A must-have accessory for Gameframes®

    The Gameframes® Holdall is designed to carry Gameframes or Kayewalkers (sizes W1/2 to W3).

    Made from high quality materials, with a heavy duty zip and transparent pocket for address card or player/team name.

    It also features velcro internal straps for frame and leg positioning.

    Can carry up to two of the smaller Gameframe sizes.

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  5. Hip Location Pads

    Hip Location Pads are designed to assist with the user's symmetrical alignment and posture when using a Kaye Posture Control Walker or Gameframe®

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  6. Spare Hip Location Pads Belt (Belt only)

    Spare Hip Location Pads Belt inc fixing brackets for Kaye posture control walkers and Gameframes®

    Please note the spare Hip Location Pad Belt is the belt only and does not include the Hip Location Pads.

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  7. Gameframes®  Water Bottle Kit

    The Water Bottle and frame mounted cage is essential for keeping enthusiastic players hydrated and is designed to fit on the Gameframe® with minimum fuss.

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