Inclusive Sport

Quest 88's Inclusive sports equipment is designed for both competition and therapy and for school and stadium alike. We work closely with NGB's to deliver our common aims  - to make sport more inclusive.

Inclusive Sport

  1. Oarsome Grips

    Our Oarsome Grips make sore hands a thing of the past.

    Oarsome grips help you spread the loading of your weight through your hands, making daily use of bicycles and walking aids more comfortable. They can also be used at 90 degrees, using the smaller cavity as a shock absorber

    Oarsome grips have developed this version of their popular crutch and rowing grips for Quest 88 products and cycles with 22mm diameter handlebars. Quest 88 products which can benefit from Oarsome grips include: Tricycles, Gameframes, RaceRunners and Kaye Walkers. (Please note this item can only be fitted to Kaye Walkers by Quest 88 fitters and trained engineers as some level of frame deconstruction is required). Oarsome Grips are available in one size only and are sold individually.

    Oarsome Grips are available with white or pink motif.

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Q & A

Common Questions and Answers. If we havent addressed your question here - please contact us: 01952 463050 or email any futher questions or suggestions for questions to

More and more local football clubs are adopting Frame Football as awareness grows and the game expands. Please see our section on Frame Football in the navigation. Quest 88 provide assessments for Running Bikes (RaceRunners) around the UK. There are also various clubs around the UK you could contact. Alternatively you may wish to contact CP Sport and ask about their taster days. Contact:

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