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  • The Trigo Sport in action
  • The Trigo Sport in action
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Hase Trigo Sport

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The flexibility of
this NEW recumbent trike
is second to none.

Standing ovations for a recumbent trike.
The TRIGO SPORT, a modular cornering wizard
that lets you enjoy the exhilaration of delta triking
without blowing your budget!

Total / Length 70½"-82" (179-210 cm), w/o front wheel 61" (155 cm)
Total / Width 32" (83 cm)
Total / Height 38"-42" (98.5-106.5 cm)
Item Weight 47.4 lb (21.5 kg)
Frame Colours RAL 9005 Jet Black gloss, RAL 3002 Carmine Red gloss / powder-coated


A semi-recumbent delta trike; SAFE, STABLE and AGILE.

Like its KETTWIESEL cousin, the TRIGO SPORT has a low seat between its rear wheels for extreme stability and a single wheel in front for outstanding agility. In short: the perfect recumbent trike for confident cornering. With 24 gears, you can also enjoy speeding down the straightaway. Or downhill. Or uphill. Or anywhere the road takes you.

The modules: lightning-fast adjustments

“Can I try?” On the TRIGO SPORT, you’ll hear this question a lot, and it’s a great chance to show off the trike’s flexibility. The modules of the delta trike move along guide rails and are infinitely adjustable without tools. As a result, the recumbent TRIGO SPORT can be quickly adjusted to a new rider. Provided that the rider is between 4’7” (1.40 m) and 6’7” (2 m) in height. And provided that you’re willing to share.

For the leg length adjustment, all you have to do is open a lever and slide the seat into the appropriate position. No need for tools and no need to shorten or lengthen the chain!

The TRIGO SPORT even has adjustable handlebar grips: both the angle and width are adjustable, ensuring that every rider can enjoy the perfect hand position for steering, grip-shifting, and braking. And last but not least, the seat tilt can be set to your preferred position using a quick-release mechanism.

  • Modular design
  • Flexible and easily adjustable
  • Superb agility
  • Low center of gravity for safety and stability
  • e-motor option

The extras: accessories for everyday use

Once you’ve experienced how sporty you can be in a comfy, recumbent seat, you’ll be hooked. And if you plan on using the TRIGO SPORT for more than simply sports and fun, then be sure to check out the wide range of recumbent-trike accessories. For example, the ROLLER RACKROLLER BAG, and FOLDABLE FAIRING are all extremely practical for everyday use. The same applies to the SHIMANO STEPS mid-motor, which can be retrofitted to the TRIGO SPORT in a few simple steps.

Each Hase bike has an extensive range of options and accessories and therefore it is not possible for us to list a definitive price, however, prices range from £1995 (including VAT) to £4600 with Steps motor and according to specification. As a Hase Rehab Specialist, Quest 88 staff are trained to assess your needs and invite you to our Inclusive Cycling Hub for an assessment and test ride.

Total / Length 70½"-82" (179-210 cm), w/o front wheel 61" (155 cm)
Total / Width 32" (83 cm)
Total / Height 38"-42" (98.5-106.5 cm)
Item Weight 47.4 lb (21.5 kg)
Frame Colours RAL 9005 Jet Black gloss, RAL 3002 Carmine Red gloss / powder-coated
The Trigo and it's sister model the Trigo UP are available for test rides at the Quest 88 Cycling Hub, Shrewsbury from late November 2017. More information will be announced in our NEWS section closer to their release. You can call us or email us meanwhile for further information on these bikes. Call 01743 363512 or email:

The Cycling Hub, based in Shrewsbury's Park provides an opportunity for people of different ages and abilities to engage with cycling for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. Whether you are a family looking for tandem, a child's therapy tricycle or a seasoned cyclist requiring more support or electrical assistance, we have a range of cycles, tricycles and tandems for everyone.

We are rehab specialists for Hase and ICE and can provide test-rides for a wide range of handcycles, recumbent 3-wheelers and tandems. 

The Cycling Hub provides expert advice and solutions for anyone who is recovering from injury or illness, whether this involves limb-loss, balance impairment or stamina. Quest 88 are specilaists in one-off solutions to address any issues with braking, steering or gear selection, from shoulder steer bikes to knee operated braking.

Why not call us and see what you can do! Our number is 01743 363512 or email 


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