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Hase Kettwiesel Kross

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Fat, knobby tyres, full suspension and MTB-specific gearing. The off-road cousin of the Kettwiesel is bringing the adrenaline of mountain-biking to the trike world, comfort without any compromise of efficiency, strength or stability. Designed to not just cater for mountain trails, thanks to it's features the Kross thrives on them, this is the way the trails were meant to be ridden.

Each Hase bike has many options and accessories, making it impossible for us to list a definitive price. As a guide, prices range from £3650 to £7240 (excluding VAT). Please read the Product Description below for more information on pricing and assessments.


Fat, knobby tyres, full suspension and MTB-specific gearing. The off-road cousin of the Kettwiesel is bringing the adrenaline of mountain-biking to the trike world, comfort without any compromise of efficiency, strength or stability, this is the way the trails were meant to be ridden.

The Kettwiesel Kross has an extremely sporty chassis with long-travel independent wheel suspension, these features make it the perfect vehicle for tricks and manoeuvres, or for power-sliding into hairpin corners. Engineered for outstanding safety, the cycle can do what others can't. Thanks to it's genius Differential system, both rear wheels are driven, and with most of the weight on the rear axle, the Kross will make it up any hill. This means no more problems with the driven wheel spinning out in gravel or mud, and there's plenty of range in it's gearing to find the perfect amount of power to maintain traction. The ergonomic seat helps you put full power to the pedals, the exhilaration given by it's performance is something you just have to experience for yourself.

Until recently, the use of derailleur gears on trikes with full suspension was fraught with problems. Because standard, low-hanging derailleur cages can hit the ground when the suspension compresses, MTB trails were not ideal without a full crew of technicians following you with spare parts... That's why Hase decided to develop their very own derailleur system, designed to specifically deal with this issue. The new Hase Linear Derailleur offers incredible ground clearance, and offers an extremely wide range of gears. It holds all shifting components neatly within the frame, and due to it's precision, is very forgiving of the worst of shifting mistakes without the chain jumping off. The Linear Derailleur will take anything you're prepared to throw at it, and is what sets the Kross apart from any other MTB trike currently on the market.

Portable, the Kettwiesel Kross with it's new foldable frame can fit into most cars, with it's rear wheels neatly tucking under it's self, the seat folding down to lay flat on the frame and the easy adjustability of the front boom to shorten down to create the smallest footprint possible. The Kross can also be customised to utilise a front hub or crank motor, and with electronic gearing it can also be fully automatic, meaning the only thing you have to think about is where to point the bike, when to pedal, and when to brake. For more information, or to arrange a test ride, please get in touch!

Each Hase bike has an extensive range of options and accessories and therefore it is not possible for us to list a definitive price, however prices range from £3650 to £7240 according to specification. Prices shown exclude VAT although in many cases exemption may apply. As a Hase Rehab Specialist, Quest 88 staff are trained to assess your needs and invite you to our Inclusive Cycling Hub for an assessment and test ride.


With many of the products in the Quest 88 range it is necessary for the product to be demonstrated to ensure the correct level of support is attained. Quest 88 have Product Specialists available to provide demonstrations/assessments either at home, School, in Therapy Centres, Children's Centres or anywhere with suitable facilities. All assessments are carried out by Quest 88 staff.

Therapy Equipment, Including Walkers and Standers*

Quest 88 provide demonstrations of therapy, mobility and supportive equipment at schools, centres and homes across the UK. We also provide FREE Clinics for walker repairs and service.

Adaptive Bikes

Adaptive bikes and trikes such as the Hase range; are normally assessed and demonstrated at our Inclusive Cycling Hub, in a beautiful setting by the river in the market town of Shrewsbury. It is advisable to book an appointment to ensure the product you are interested in is available. We also offer demonstrations at schools and cycling schemes around the UK for Draisin Wheelchair Tandems and Side by Sides, however we have a limited number of demonstrators available.

Quest 88 Therapy Tricycles (Kitten, Colt, Panther etc.)

These are demonstrated and assessed nationally by our Product Specialists at schools, childrens centres and homes. This service is free and ensures that the tricycles are totally suitable for your needs.

RaceRunners & Gameframes

Quest 88 provide 'Sports Taster Sessions' for clubs and inclusive leisure facilities (UK-wide). In many cases we will do this in collaboration with CP Sport and other Clubs. You can find more information on our News & Events Page as well as on Facebook and CP Sports Events Pages.

Non-assessment Products

* Try before you buy is not available for Therapy Benches, Tripods, Quads, Crutches and Rollators. These items can be seen at 'In Service' presentations on request.


For online purchases a delivery charge will be added prior to checkout. For other purchases delivery charges will apply and can be requested from our Sales team on 01952 463050 with the exception of our Kaye Posture Control Walkers (when purchasing a complete frame with front and rear leg/wheel options) which qualify for FREE carriage.

Overseas Enquiries

Unfortunately we are unable to respond to enquiries from the USA at this stage. Depending on the product range, Quest 88 may have global distribution rights or exclusivity restricted to the UK and Ireland only. Wherever possible we will direct emails from countries outside of our remit to the manufacturers concerned.

For information on our International Distributors for other countries including the EU, please contact our Sales Team on 01952 463050

Thank you for your understanding.


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