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Based in Shropshire, the Quest 88 Inclusive Cycling Hub is a specialist bike shop which caters for cyclists of all abilities. From retro steel road bikes, to motorised hand cycles, and everything in-between. We are rehab specialists for Hase and ICE and can provide test-rides for a wide range of recumbent 3-wheelers, including tandems.

Quest 88 Hub

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Common Questions and Answers. If we havent addressed your question here - please contact us: 01743 363512 or email any futher questions or suggestions for questions to

The Quest 88 Hub is born out of our desire to bring adaptive cycles into the world of mainstream cycling. Several years ago we decided to exhibit our equipment at the UK's largest Cycle Show as this seemed a logical step towards raising awareness that there are cycling solutions for people who are facing some kind of physical impairment. With the efforts of Quest 88 and Wheels for Wellbeing - The Cycle Show became a truly inclusive experience for every age and ability. The Quest 88 Hub became the next evolutionary step - a truly inclusive bike shop with equal emphasis placed on 2 wheels as 3 wheels and for all ages and abilities.

At the Hub there is no such thing as a daft question! We have nothing against lycra, but you wont see much of it. The main thing is that we give you time, time to experiment and work out what works for you. This is crucial because we want you to be comfortable and confident that you have found the best possible bike. We have plenty of experience in finding personal solutions to the obstacles you face.

If we need to tweak things with a spanner between test rides in Shrewsbury's park, 'The Quarry' - you can replenish your energies by grabbing a great cup of coffee and scoffing down a cake at the STOP Cafe next door whilst you wait! For the Hub's address - please see our contact page. We are situated just over the English Bridge. Parking, access and toilets are easy.

The World Health Organisation defines Disability as follows: "Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions". Whilst we may or may not regard ourselves as disabled, we can all have things which impair or prohibit our ability to do the things we desire to try. Often those things seem insignificant to others and yet they are no less limiting. Quest 88 has a wealth of experience in helping people to overcome the 'little mountains' that prevent us from becoming more active or independent. We want to share what we have learned and help you get going!

You will see similar cycles to those shown on our website, described as 'adapted bikes'. This is misleading. The word 'adapted' suggests a regular bicycle or tricycle which has been adapted to suit someone who is disabled, something a little more Heath Robinson! At Quest 88, we like to talk about 'Adaptive' cycles and by this we mean cycles that are specifically designed to provide for different kinds of riding and individual needs. The distinction is important and demonstrates that the equipment available today isnt merely an afterthought. A common response we hear at shows and at our shop is "we never knew that this kind of equipment existed". That is something we want to change so that people can start riding now and not have any regrets over missed opportunities. Please help us to spread the word!

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