Adaptive Accessories

  1. Gripmit

    The Gripmit is designed for children and adults who have low muscle tone or weakness in the lower arm or hand and who want to participate more fully in leisure or DIY activities. Prices start from £31.00 each.

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  2. Rockbros Bar ends

    ROCKBROS Bicycle Handle Bar Grips Bar Ends Alumium Mountain Bike Bar Ends. Rockbros Bar ends are available in one size only with a choice of black or red, sold as a pair. Learn More
  3. ICE Easy fit Wrist Rests

    The Easy fit Wrist rests are designed to comfortably and stylishly support the rider's wrists while riding your trike. Ideal for long journeys and riders with limited grip or strength.

    Fits all ICE trike models except the VTX and is compatible with other trike manufacturers, with a vertical 22.2 mm ø handlebar size.

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  4. ICE Shimano STEPS E-assist

    Beautifully integrated into ICE trikes, the Shimano Steps Electric assist system gives the push you need to explore further with ease.

    With the integrated 250 w motor mounted at the front of the trike, the battery mounted under the trikes seat, a handlebar mounted computer and controller for easy access and a neat, well protected wiring loom, the whole system blends in and keeps your trike looking as great as ever.


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  5. Stumps and Cranks by Sonia Sanghani

    Stumps and Cranks by Sonia Sanghani - An Introduction to Amputee Cycling.

    Whilst ideally suited for absolute beginners and non cyclists, this book is a first attempt at encouraging ALL types of amputees to discover an enjoyable form of exercise. Read this book and allow yourself to become closely connected with the thrills of pedalling around on two or more wheels. 

    Designed to be read by adults and older children or families it sets out the basic elements of equipment, instruction and points of general care and attention advocated by cycling and health professionals who deal with such aspects on a daily basis.


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  6. Flexible Chest Pad for Trikes

    Feel comfy and safe
    with the
    Quest 88 Chest Pad
    for ages 4 - 7 years

    - Belt sold separately -

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  7. Odi Rubber Longneck BMX Grips

    Select your colour
    A pair of
    Odi Rubber Longneck
    BMX Grips (143mm)

    Classic Longneck
    ribbed grip pattern
    with an open end to
    accommodate end plugs.

    Easy to assemble.

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  8. Ergotec EP-1 pair of pedals

    Ergotec EP
    1 pair of pedals

    Support the sole on your feet
    with the improved EP
    pedaling performance.

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  9. Oarsome Grips

    Our Oarsome Grips make sore hands a thing of the past.

    Oarsome grips help you spread the loading of your weight through your hands, making daily use of bicycles and walking aids more comfortable. They can also be used at 90 degrees, using the smaller cavity as a shock absorber

    Oarsome grips have developed this version of their popular crutch and rowing grips for Quest 88 products and cycles with 22mm diameter handlebars. Quest 88 products which can benefit from Oarsome grips include: Tricycles, Gameframes, RaceRunners and Kaye Walkers. (Please note this item can only be fitted to Kaye Walkers by Quest 88 fitters and trained engineers as some level of frame deconstruction is required). Oarsome Grips are available in one size only and are sold individually.

    Oarsome Grips are available with white or pink motif.

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  10. Adult Pedal with Toe Clip and Strap

    As an alternative to cleat systems and designed for use on the Hase Bikes the Adult Pedal with Toe Clip and Strap holds the front portion of the foot with a brace, guaranteeing the correct foot position, while the elastic strap around the heel prevents slipping. Children's version also available.

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  11. Children's Pedal with Toe Clip and Strap

    As an alternative to clear systems and designed for use on the Hase Bikes the Children's Pedal with Toe Clip and Strap hold the front portion of the foot with a brace, guaranteeing the correct foot position, while the elastic strap around the heel prevents slipping. Adult version also available.

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  12. Tri-pin Quad Hand Pedals

    The Tri-pin quad hand pedals are a popular option for those who have impaired hand function and want to use a handcycle. Learn More
  13. Joe Blow Sport II Pump

    This is Quest 88's track pump of choice. Used by our Product Specialists and supplied to many inclusive cycling projects; it stands up to years of use and is very effective.

    One thing is for sure that no matter what bike you ride it is crucial that you keep the tyres well inflated and the best way to do that is with a floor pump. The pump is easy to use and thanks to the easy to read 160psi gauge you will always know when you have the right amount of pressure in the tyre.

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  14. Footplates

    Quest 88 Footplates provide stability for children with difficulties positioning their feet on the pedals and have easy to fasten straps which keep feet strapped in whilst riding their trike/bike with stabilisers. Quest 88 Footplates are available in 4 sizes and are priced per pair.

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  15. Ankle Foot Orthosis

    Quest 88 Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) are adjustable splints to control the riders ankle/foot relationship whilst riding their trike/bike.

    Quest 88 AFO's are priced per pair and are offered in a range of sizes which can be used with a small, medium or standard cuff and can only be used with our Quest 88 AFO-ready Footplates.

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  16. AFO Footplates

    Quest 88 AFO Footplates are designed to be used in conjunction with Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO's) which assist with foot drop and adduction.

    Quest 88 AFO Footplates are available in 4 sizes and are priced per pair.

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  17. Special Pedals

    Special Pedals - Firm support, maximum adjustability. Learn More
  18. 2017 Special Pedals with Calf Supports

    New for 2017: Special Pedals with Calf Support for dynamic stability. Learn More
  19. Pendulum Pedal with Angle Compensation (single)

    The Pendulum Pedal with Angle Compensation enables the pedals to be adjusted to encourage full extension whilst accommodating limited flexion, also allowing for more movement as leg strength returns. This creates a beneficial training effect and means pedaling is possible with very little bend to the legs.

    The Pendulum Pedals with Angle Compensation are sold individually, please choose right or left hand side.

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  20. Crank Shortener with Angle Compensation (single)

    For adults and children with legs of different lengths or restrictions in leg mobility. The pedals can be individually adjusted along the crank for different requirements, optimising rehabilitation, or allowing the crank length to grow with your child. Hase Bikes have recently redesigned the Crank Shortener to incorporate an angle adjust that compensates for offset or angled cranks which enables it to be correctly aligned with the crank arms, making for a smoother pedalling motion.

    The Crank Shorteners are sold individually and are universal for right or left side.

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  21. 5-point Harness System

    5-point Harness System including shoulder pads. Learn More
  22. Seatback Extension

    The HASE BIKES Seatback Extension can be used for extending either the seat or the seatback by 2.75" (7 cm). More space - more comfort! Learn More
  23. Seat Extension (for seat from April 2016)

    New for 2017: Seat or Seatback Extension - More space, more comfort. Learn More
  24. Side Pouch

    Side Pouch - small 2.3L fender pouch. Learn More

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