Adaptive Accessories

  1. Side Pouch

    Side Pouch - small 2.3L fender pouch. Learn More
  2. Seat Extension (for seat from April 2016)

    New for 2017: Seat or Seatback Extension - More space, more comfort. Learn More
  3. Seatback Extension

    The HASE BIKES Seatback Extension can be used for extending either the seat or the seatback by 2.75" (7 cm). More space - more comfort! Learn More
  4. 5-point Harness System

    5-point Harness System including shoulder pads. Learn More
  5. Crank Shortener with Angle Compensation (single)

    For adults and children with legs of different lengths or restrictions in leg mobility. The pedals can be individually adjusted along the crank for different requirements, optimising rehabilitation, or allowing the crank length to grow with your child. Hase Bikes have recently redesigned the Crank Shortener to incorporate an angle adjust that compensates for offset or angled cranks which enables it to be correctly aligned with the crank arms, making for a smoother pedalling motion.

    The Crank Shorteners are sold individually and are universal for right or left side.

    Learn More
  6. Pendulum Pedal with Angle Compensation (single)

    The Pendulum Pedal with Angle Compensation enables the pedals to be adjusted to encourage full extension whilst accommodating limited flexion, also allowing for more movement as leg strength returns. This creates a beneficial training effect and means pedaling is possible with very little bend to the legs.

    The Pendulum Pedals with Angle Compensation are sold individually, please choose right or left hand side.

    Learn More
  7. 2017 Special Pedals with Calf Supports

    New for 2017: Special Pedals with Calf Support for dynamic stability. Learn More
  8. Special Pedals

    Special Pedals - Firm support, maximum adjustability. Learn More
  9. AFO Footplates

    Quest 88 AFO Footplates are designed to be used in conjunction with Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO's) which assist with foot drop and adduction.

    Quest 88 AFO Footplates are available in 4 sizes and are priced per pair.

    Learn More
  10. Ankle Foot Orthosis

    Quest 88 Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) are adjustable splints to control the riders ankle/foot relationship whilst riding their trike/bike.

    Quest 88 AFO's are priced per pair and are offered in a range of sizes which can be used with a small, medium or standard cuff and can only be used with our Quest 88 AFO-ready Footplates.

    Learn More

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