Adaptive Cycling

Quest 88 began manufacturing therapy tricycles for disabled children in 1989. Since then both our range of cycles and our experience has grown exponentially - enabling us to accommodate both new and experienced cyclists of all ages and abilities. Whether for individual use or a bike for an adaptive fleet, we have something for everyone. Please use our handy cycle finder to narrow down your search.

Adaptive Cycling

  1. Draisin Eclipse Trainer

    The Draisin Eclipse Trainer is suitable for children and young adults who may require closer supervision or who may not have the understanding, or perhaps the manual dexterity to operate gears and dual brakes. If you would like to know more, scroll down for the full description.

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  2. Draisin Trici Trainer

    The Draisin Trici Trainer is a stable and rugged tricycle with a low access threshold and a low centre of gravity. The Trici Trainer is a natural progression from the Quest 88 Panther or the Draisin Eclipse Trainer. Hip supports, footplates, and many other accessories are available for this tricycle. If you would like to know more, scroll down for full description.

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  3. Draisin Senora

    The Draisin Senora is built for young people and adults who require an easy to access tricycle with positive handling. This simple yet high-quality tricycle offers many years of trouble free, comfortable cycling. The frame angles of the Senora promote good posture whilst the rear differential makes cornering easy and safe.

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  4. Draisin Relax

    The Relax and its smaller counterpart, the Relaxino, are semi-recumbent tricycles and are designed to be stable and manoeuvred intuitively. They are steered by means of two handles or they can be adapted to allow steering via the upper body or thighs. Their low centre of gravity safeguards against overturning and enhances handling. If you would like to know more, scroll down for full description.

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  5. Draisin Relaxino

    The Draisin Relaxino and its larger counterpart, the Draisin Relax, are semi-recumbent tricycles and are designed to be stable and manoeuvred intuitively. The low centre of gravity safeguards against overturning and enhances handling. If you would like to know more, scroll down for full description.

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  6. Draisin Slider

    The 'Slider' is the new semi-recumbent 3 wheeler from Draisin. It is exceptionally easy to ride and extremely manoeuvrable and stable thanks to its differential, unique steering system and sturdy V-Profil rims. The Slider is available in two sizes, XS and XL (please see table below). If you would like to know more, scroll down for full description.

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  7. Draisin Twister side by side

    The Draisin Twister is designed to enable its riders to cycle side by side in a semi-recumbent position. The Twister is an ideal side by side for those wanting a little bit more than a pedestrian pace. It has an extremely stable platform and retractable handlebars for easy mount and dismount. Both riders can fully participate in pedalling and steering. However, the Twister can be quickly adjusted so that one rider can opt out of pedalling or lock out the passenger handlebars.

    Read Roland’s story here

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  8. Draisin Twister Trainer side by side

    The Draisin Twister Trainer is the non-road version of the popular Twister side by side tandem. This trimmed-down Twister is aimed at cycling initiatives and schemes to enable riders to cycle side by side, ideal for encouragement during the ride. The pedals can be linked together so that the pilot can encourage the stoker to pedal. The pilot is able to determine how much effort is being applied to their co-riders pedals and monitor improvement in strength. The left and right steering can also be connected which helps people with learning disabilities to fully participate in the ride whilst remaining totally safe. 

    As a parent of a special needs 8 year old boy who attends the school, these bikes are an asset in supporting the children in their bike activities.  The whole process of ordering and the delivery of the bikes has been easy and communicative.

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  9. Draisin Bliss (2nd Edition) Wheelchair Tandem

    The Draisin Bliss 2 is the most stable and easy to manoeuvre wheelchair carrier available today. With a maximum payload of 230kg (36 stone - 2 persons plus chair) and a generous platform suitable for chairs and power chairs of all shapes and sizes, no-one needs to be excluded from cycling. If you would like to know more, scroll down for full description. 

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  10. Draisin Plus Wheelchair Tandem

    The Draisin Plus is a "bike for life" and enables those with limited mobility to participate in cycling with family and friends. This tricycle is carefully balanced in order to make steering and pedalling as easy as possible and it's suspension system makes it supremely comfortable. If you would like to know more, scroll down for full description.

    Read Jake’s story here

    The Draisin Plus is available on its own as Standard or we offer two package deals including additional accessories. They are the Draisin Plus Extra and Draisin Plus Extra+

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Q & A

Common Questions and Answers. If we havent addressed your question here - please contact us: 01743 363512 or email any futher questions or suggestions for questions to

The World Health Organisation defines Disability as follows: "Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions". Whilst we may or may not regard ourselves as disabled, we can all have things which impair or prohibit our ability to do the things we have a passion to do. Often those things seem insignificant to others and yet they are no less limiting. Quest 88 has a wealth of experience in helping people to overcome the 'little mountains' that prevent us from beoming more active or independent. we want to share what we have learned and help you get going!

You will see similar cycles to those shown on our website, described as 'adapted bikes'. This is misleading. The word 'adapted' suggests a regular bicycle or tricycle which has been adapted to suit someone who is disabled, something a little more Heath Robinson! At Quest 88, we like to talk about 'Adaptive' cycles and by this we mean cycles that are specifically designed to provide for different kinds of riding and individual needs. The distinction is important and demonstrates that the equipment available today isnt merely an afterthought. A common response we hear at shows and at our shop is "we never knew that this kind of equipment existed". That is something we want to change so that people can start riding now and not have any regrets over missed opportunities. Please help us to spread the word!

Yes we do and we have been active in supplying many cycling schemes around the UK for the last 10 years. The Draisin range of therapy and companion cycles, including wheelchair loaders and tandem trikes, are built to take the demands of a busy cycling schemes and tens of thousands of miles! Our Adaptive cycles have a reputation for robust construction and great serviceability. They also offer a wide range of accessories to help you to widen your scope for inclusion, including bib/harnesses, footplates, calf supports and reclining seats. Please contact us for more information and check out the Your Stories Section of this website for some great case studies. From time to time we have special bundle offers for schools and clubs which include tricycles and go-karts. Please check out our website for School Offer postings or contact us at for information on current offers.

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