Adaptive Cycling

Quest 88 began manufacturing therapy tricycles for disabled children in 1989. Since then both our range of cycles and our experience has grown exponentially - enabling us to accommodate both new and experienced cyclists of all ages and abilities. Whether for individual use or a bike for an adaptive fleet, we have something for everyone. Please use our handy cycle finder to narrow down your search.

Adaptive Cycling

  1. Hase Kettwiesel Handbike

    Mobility is one thing. Being able to get everywhere you need to go and have fun on the way is another. This is what differentiates Hase Handbike from wheelchairs with attachable handcycles. And our Handbikes offer practically all the same qualities as their sister models Kettwiesel, Lepus, and Pino: comfort, manoeuvrability, and safety, along with mobility at reasonable speeds. After all, being there is what counts.

    As with many of our products, the Hase Kettwiesel Allround can vary in price dependent on specification. Please contact us to have a product specification and price tailored to your individual requirements.

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  2. Hase Lepus Handbike

    Perfectly adapted comfort: Glide over the bumpiest surfaces with an air shock, master uphill stretches with a differential and fine Rohloff hub, and – when the going gets too tough – enjoy a boost from the e-motor. Design your Lepus based on your individual idea of comfort.

    As with many of our products, the Hase Lepus Handbike can vary in price dependent on specification. Please contact us to have a product specification and price tailored to your individual requirements.

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  3. Hase Pino Handbike

    The Pino Handbike incorporates everything that's great about the Pino, with the addition of a hand-crank unit for the front rider! The bike offers unprecedented comfort and an exhilarating ride, with the front rider taking a recumbent seating position whilst the rear rider handles the steering, brakes, and gearing. The geometry of the recumbent seat and saddle allow for a stronger sense of shared experience, as communication is effortless with both rider's heads being much closer than the conventional tandem.

    Each Hase bike has many options and accessories, making it impossible for us to list a definitive price. As a guide, prices range from £4,800 to £7,165 (excluding VAT). Please read the Product Description below for more information on pricing and assessments.

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Q & A

Common Questions and Answers. If we havent addressed your question here - please contact us: 01743 363512 or email any futher questions or suggestions for questions to

The World Health Organisation defines Disability as follows: "Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions". Whilst we may or may not regard ourselves as disabled, we can all have things which impair or prohibit our ability to do the things we have a passion to do. Often those things seem insignificant to others and yet they are no less limiting. Quest 88 has a wealth of experience in helping people to overcome the 'little mountains' that prevent us from beoming more active or independent. we want to share what we have learned and help you get going!

You will see similar cycles to those shown on our website, described as 'adapted bikes'. This is misleading. The word 'adapted' suggests a regular bicycle or tricycle which has been adapted to suit someone who is disabled, something a little more Heath Robinson! At Quest 88, we like to talk about 'Adaptive' cycles and by this we mean cycles that are specifically designed to provide for different kinds of riding and individual needs. The distinction is important and demonstrates that the equipment available today isnt merely an afterthought. A common response we hear at shows and at our shop is "we never knew that this kind of equipment existed". That is something we want to change so that people can start riding now and not have any regrets over missed opportunities. Please help us to spread the word!

Yes we do and we have been active in supplying many cycling schemes around the UK for the last 10 years. The Draisin range of therapy and companion cycles, including wheelchair loaders and tandem trikes, are built to take the demands of a busy cycling schemes and tens of thousands of miles! Our Adaptive cycles have a reputation for robust construction and great serviceability. They also offer a wide range of accessories to help you to widen your scope for inclusion, including bib/harnesses, footplates, calf supports and reclining seats. Please contact us for more information and check out the Your Stories Section of this website for some great case studies. From time to time we have special bundle offers for schools and clubs which include tricycles and go-karts. Please check out our website for School Offer postings or contact us at for information on current offers.

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