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Quest 88 Equipment for Superhero Tri 2017!

Superhero Tri is an all ability triathlon for the everyday Superhero. The format is designed to include anyone regardless of age and ability and is an opportunity for participants to push/run, swim and cycle with their peers, family and friends.

Check out our Events section for more info on the events Quest 88 attends or click here for more info about the Superhero Tri 2017 event.

As well as sponsoring the event, Quest 88 will be providing equipment for hire such as tricycles, walkers, specialist tandems and RaceRunners. We will also be on hand with spanners and air pumps for adjustment and running repairs on the day.



Tandem and Companion Cycles for cycling with your 'Sidekick'

Sidekick -range -1-1_01Sidekick -range -1-1_02Sidekick -range -1-1_03Sidekick -range -1-1_04_editedSidekick -range -1-1_05Sidekick -range -1-1_06

PinoDraisin PlusTwisterDuoBliss and Trets Trailer.



Individual Adaptive Cycles for Superheroes.


Individ -adaptive -cycling -range -1_01Individ -adaptive -cycling -range -1_02Individ -adaptive -cycling -range -1_03Individ -adaptive -cycling -range -1_04Individ -adaptive -cycling -range -1_05

SliderTrixKettwieselEndurance(Senora) and Colt.



Individual running and running with a Sidekick

Individ -running -and -running -with -a -sidekick -range -1_01Individ -running -and -running -with -a -sidekick -range -1_02Individ -running -and -running -with -a -sidekick -range -1_03

RaceRunner, RaceRunner with guide bar (see pic) and Kaye Walker.


Booking your Superhero Gadget

Calling the everyday superheroes...

Superhero Gadgets (equipment) are subject to availability and on a first come, first served basis. Quest 88 will provide assessments for equipment at The Inclusive Cycling Hub in Shrewsbury prior to the event, to ensure suitability. You may need to hire equipment well in advance of the event depending on your experience, fitness and stamina. Quest 88 rental Terms and Conditions will apply. Hire costs start from £30 per week.

Please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Contact Lisa Smith (Marketing Co-ordinator) on 01952 468558 or email lisa.smith@quest88.com with your info and requirements, and please include which event you are taking part in.


For more information about Superhero Tri 2017, check out: www.superheroseries.co.uk

Case Study


    Rashmi Barker from Blackburn is a fantastic example of someone who has truly embraced the world of cycling despite her disability.

    Having been diagnosed with Polio at a very early age, Rashmi made a decision to never differentiate herself from anyone else and not let her disability affect her ambitions. "Polio has not stopped me from doing anything I have wanted to do.  As a chil…

    rashmi 2015 photo
  • Max joins the Racerunning revolution

    Six year old Max Ainsworth from Helmsdale, Sutherland is one of a growing number of children across the UK benefitting from using a running bike from Quest 88.

    Max and his twin both have distonic diplegic Cerebral Palsy which means Max is unable to sit or walk unaided while his brother is mobile but insteps and has had an operations on the tendons in his legs to stretch them. Max is e…

  • Handcycle changes Ashley's life, physically and mentally

    Anyone doubting the positive effects cycling can have, need look no further than 42 year old, Ashley Stubbings from Mansfield Woodhouse. 

    Despite being born with Spina Bifida, Ashley has always dealt head-on with the mobility issues that come with such a condition, but has never been able to realise one of his dreams - to ride a bike.

    In 2011, Ashley attended the British Cyc…

    Ashleys Handbike
  • Severndale school benefits from cycles

    Severndale School in Shrewsbury is the latest setting in the UK which has benefited from inclusive cycles from Quest 88. An SEN school in the West Midlands, Severndale specialises in communication and interaction for children with moderate through to profound and multiple learning difficulties, aged between two-and-a-half to 19 years.

    Amy Schofield, a class teacher and the Extended School Co-…

    severndale school
  • Jake of Lllangollen and his gift of freedom

    The Davies family from Llangollen enjoy nothing more than a weekend bike ride around their local area. Thanks to the Draisin Plus wheelchair tandem ten year old Jake, who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, never misses out on the family fun! Every penny used to purchase the Draisin Plus was raised by the local community who wanted to see Jake cycling with the rest of the family. Despite the econom…

    Jake on road
  • East Park Adapted Cycle Scheme

    Quest 88 has been involved with East Park Adapted Cycle Scheme in Hull since 2009 helping us with the setting up and training of staff.

    The scheme is one of the largest in the UK and Quest 88 have assisted us in all areas including supporting our events over the past 7 years.

    We use Quest 88 because we find them to be the best at what they do, both in terms of the products they s…

    Karl epcs 2016-7245_sm
  • Quest 88 helps Elliot as he progresses through primary school

    Nine-year-old Elliott Baker from Oxfordshire has a condition called Kernicterus which has symptoms similar to athetoid CP but also effects Elliott's hearing, speech and eye movement. Elliott is congenitally normal.  This condition causes major challenges to Elliott on a daily basis in everything he does from eating, moving and communicating.